Nacogdoches County 4-H Youth Development

The 4H Program is open to youth in Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Enrollment in Texas 4-H is completed annually via an online site called 4-H Connect.  There you set up a family profile and enroll anyone interested in participating in 4-H.  Once you have enrolled you are on our 4-H email list and will receive blasts and announcements of events and opportunities.  4-H Connect can be found at https://texas.4honline.com (Click HERE to download a 4-H enrollment tip sheet)

4-H membership begins when youth enter the third grade and ends at their completion of high school. The 4-H year starts in September and ends in August each year. Texas 4-H requires youth to pay a $25 participation fee.

In 4-H, the activities are organized by topics and called ‘projects.’ All 4-H members must be enrolled in at least one project. When you choose a project, you will learn and demonstrate concepts related to the topic. You will participate in various hands-on activities, learn new skills, do community service, or even make speeches about your project. Browse the list of projects to see what you would like to do.

How to choose your 4-H project:

  • Select a project you like.
  • Consider the money and time it will take. Can parents/guardians help?
  • Consider the space and equipment that you have at home.
  • A 4-H project should be fun, serve a purpose, and be worth the effort.
  • Select only the number of projects you can complete.

Check out 4-H projects to see what looks fun to you.

Even after you graduate from high school, you can still be involved in 4-H as a Volunteer.  Volunteers are the heart of the 4-H program.  We can only offer as many clubs and projects as we have volunteers to lead or direct.

We are always looking for more volunteers so we can offer more opportunities to youth in Nacogdoches County.  Some volunteer opportunities are one time only, others are short term, and other volunteer opportunities can be for the entire year or more.  That is up to you and what you want to do.  All of our adult volunteers must clear a criminal background screening conducted by the volunteer center of Dallas prior to working with youth.


4-H is all about developing life skills through fun hands-on leaning.  There are opportunities for public speaking, consumer decision making, healthy lifestyles, judging, citizenship, community service and leadership.

Youth are elected by their peers as officers and the youth officers run the club meetings and programs with guidance from adult volunteers. General information about 4-H in Texas can be found at http://texas4-h.tamu.edu

You can also keep up with what is happening in Nacogdoches County 4-H by going to our 4-H Facebook page or by following us on Instagram.

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